A butterfly garden.

During my jar painting phase I did a couple of butterflies as they came out pretty nice on the glass. They were also fairly popular for storage jars or shelf decorations.

22406488_10155141406828240_6461085913714023034_n.jpg, Nov 2020

25151979_10155298109768240_5244699480278627391_n.jpg, Nov 2020

25152294_10155298109708240_6372679182378495803_n.jpg, Nov 2020

A Pretty Kitty

24909990_10155295549403240_3434088728624777551_n.jpg, Nov 2020

Made this jar for a friend. A cute little cat with a bow. The pink shading of the glass was made by mixing Elmer's glue with pink paint and then putting it on the jar. It did not hold however and made the jar unwashable.  […]

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Honor Our Fallen

22218571_10155106131408240_6196048722433059370_o.jpg, Nov 2020

For Police week in May when the fallen officers are remembered, I made this jar and put a blue candle in it. I gave it to a friend who was an officer in a local department.  […]

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Three Little Pigs

22424505_10155136336413240_8909276251966836590_o.jpg, Nov 2020

My one niece was born in the year of the pig, so she loves pigs. For Christmas I painted her a jar she can use to collect things or store small items,  […]

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Drinking glasses

22406203_10155141406693240_1912062109081608361_n.jpg, Nov 2020

Using lids with holes and plastic washable straws I have quart sized mason jar drinking glasses. Did some painting on three of them to personalize them better. Roughed the glass, baked the paint on and still it is chipping off after a lot of use. My glass I turned into a candy storage jar, The three  […]

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Chicken pail

31680735_10155635361893240_3925912326896615424_o.jpg, Nov 2020

While shopping at Target I found a cute little tin pail for $1. I thought it might make a nice planter for a small plant but it looked so plain. To give it a country theme I painted a chicken on the front.  […]

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The Rose

23826054_10155242671703240_8314806342954827722_o.jpg, Nov 2020

If you have bought the Blackburn jelly you see it comes in jars with handles. I have been accumulating those jars on the shelf so I decorated a few of them with roses.  […]

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Betty Boop

23473063_10155224812573240_5747401384364103559_n.jpg, Nov 2020

Had some jars and wondered what to do with the ones I didn't use for canning. I took one and added Betty Boop to it. Came out pretty good. A coworker saw the jar and asked me to make one for his daughter.  […]

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May The Force Be With You

57417857_10156349896958240_2175972698650312704_o.jpg, Nov 2020

A famous battle scene if you are a Star Wars fan. Not exactly how it was in the movie but close enough. The rebels are trying to destroy the Death Star, the Empire is defending. A TIE fighter is following Luke, Han is racing in to save the day and Destroyer lurks in the background. I did this 26  […]

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Swans on a pond

20201112_125414.jpg, Nov 2020

I was relaxed when I was painting this one and the swans just jumped on to the page. Yes it took me a while to paint but I had the idea of what I wanted when I started. My mother took this painting for herself.  […]

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The Happy Dragon

72632771_10156737644883240_6586845962080092160_o.jpg, Nov 2020

Another dragon saw. This was painted on a 14 inch diamond saw blade. A happy dragon flying over the water. This saw was donated to the P.A.I.G..E foundation for their spaghetti dinner fundraiser.  […]

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The Unicorn

53560137_10156294268188240_3220048792694816768_o.jpg, Nov 2020

For my oldest granddaughter's birthday I painted her a night water scene with a little reflection on the water of the moon. Then for a more fantasy look I added the unicorn running across the water.  […]

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Pink Dragon

47124540_10156065078593240_69799910119047168_o.jpg, Nov 2020

This dragon too me a while to paint as I did each individual section to fit together with the others. It is painted on a 14 inch diamond saw blade that I picked up from some road workers. I sold this one for $250 to a collector in Indiana.  […]

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The Little Matchstick Girl

36425323_2104394813217900_1168507550082007040_o.jpg, Nov 2020

An attempt at telling a story in a painting, this was done as an entry for the county fair. The Little Match Girl by Hans Christian Andersen It was terribly cold and nearly dark on the last evening of the old year, and the snow was falling fast. In the cold and darkness, a poor little girl with bare  […]

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New Year's Dragon

33497834_2073907799599935_4837371474496978944_o.jpg, Nov 2020

I painted this 26 inch saw for the lunar new year. I checked with a Chinese relative to make sure the writing was correct for the new year's phrase. Sorry no red envelope came with it. This saw was sold for $150 to a customer in Indiana who likes dragons.  […]

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The Farm

36199899_2098963890427659_1190315710383915008_o.jpg, Nov 2020

I wanted to enter something in the art competition of the local fair so I started b y painting a tree, then the tree looked so desolate by itself I added the elements of a farm to go with it.  […]

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Chickens Roosting

32561159_10155662426118240_3718822112123682816_n.jpg, Nov 2020

Out local Jr. Fair was holding a silent auction to raise funds. I was wondering what to donate then came up with the idea of a chicken themed painting. I painted this chicken saw and also bought a chicken feed sign to donate to the silent auction.  […]

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